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With cutting-edge ideas, thorough education and practical experience in Security and Safety Administration since 1986, Daniel R. Finger, LLC is the Physical Security Consulting specialist that you can trust to ensure the safety of your employees, clients or patrons.


Let Daniel R. Finger, LLC perform a site security survey to determine potential vulnerability and make reasonable and effiecient recommendations for your facility. Contact Jacksonville's leader in Physical Security today.

If you are looking at this site, you have a security issue and I can help you!

Physical Security Assesses your current building structures, infrastructure, lighting, landscaping, security equipment, local crime analysis and your security management plan to determine vulnerabilities to reduce likelihood of security related incidents or liability concerns.

Daniel R. Finger, LLC, Physical Security Consultant

Today’s society is not only becoming more complex, it has also become more violent while the tolerance of criminal activity has risen. This translates to crimes on your property and the potential liability whether valid or not. For a facility owner’s peace-of-mind, a safe and well-designed facility is critical, whether building a new construction or evaluating an existing one. In order to accomplish a safety and protection program for any facility, a clear understanding of risks and security must be assessed.

Daniel R. Finger, LLC will provide a physical security, and risk analysis and assessment of your facility and its operations, with respect to people and property, so that problems and vulnerabilities can be identified and prioritized so that corrections can be made; risks can be minimized; and liability mitigated and future exposure reduced or prevented. Ultimately the goal is to provide a secure and safe environment for clients, patrons and employees.

Daniel R. Finger, LLC will integrate all aspects of physical security, and risk analysis assessment when conducting a physical security risk assessment audit for your facility.

These security audits and areas to be examined would include but are not limited to:

Contact Daniel R. Finger today for more information about Site Security, Risk Assessment and Management Programs or to have a Security Audit assessed for your facility.

Read "The Basics of Security Door Hardware" by Dan Finger. Dan was featured in Buildings Magazine and the article is currently featured on their web site,

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