Up to 60 percent of crimes on premises occur in parking lots: the average jury awards $1.3 million dollars with average settlements at $600,000.

Your solution? Have Daniel R. Finger, LLC perform a site security survey to determine potential vulnerability and make reasonable recommendations and accomodations.

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The National Domestic Preparedness Coalition’s Homeland Security Comprehensive Assessment Model (HLS-CAM) was designed to serve as a living document to be used by those organizations with protecting citizens, facilities and infrastructure from terrorism and hostile activity.
CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) is a proactive crime prevention strategy utilized by planners, architects, police services, security professionals and everyday users of space. The concept utilizes the proper design and effective use of the built environment and can lead to a reduction in the incidence and fear of crime and improvement in the quality of life.
CPTED is based on three concepts:
  1. Natural Surveillance: Strategy directed at keeping intruders under observation such as public areas.
  2. Natural Access: Deny access to a crime target and create a perception of risk in offenders.
  3. Territorial Reinforcement: Sense of ownership in a designated area where physical design can create a sphere of influence.

Daniel R. Finger, LLC Physical Security Consulting Services

I offer objective security assessments as I am a private consultant and not associated with any product company.

Physical Security and Site Surveys

  • Review CCTV, radio system, alarms, keys/locks, parking areas, access control, traffic patterns, fencing, doors, windows and lighting.

  • Analyze crime statistics for area and perceived crime concerns by interviewing employees, leadership, and law enforcement.

    • Do you really know what is happening on your property and surrounding areas?

  • Provide site risk / security assessment to identify obvious or potential security liability issues and provide client with best practice recommendations.

    • If a security incident occurred how would it impact your business continuity and business' reputation?

  • Identify ‘sensitive’ areas and make appropriate recommendations

    • What are your greatest concerns?

  • Procure ‘focus’ reviews on particular sensitive areas.

  • Provide analysis for health care, office buildings, businesses, commercial properties and housing communities.

  • Integrate HLS-CAM and CPTED concepts into site review.

  • Target Hardening critical areas.

  • Reduce liklihood of negligent security issues.

Management Plan

  • Evaluate current security management plan in response to actual or perceived criminal activity or other security emergencies and increase awareness of security.

  • Contract security specifications/ evaluations and transition advice.

  • Determine effectiveness of current security management program reguarding risk threats and vulnerabilities and address issues in a cost effective manner for compliance with regulatory or administrative agencies.

  • Review emergency procedure and response plans for effectiveness and reliability.

  • Review training programs for both security and non security personnel.

    • Do your employees know how to respond to a security incident and who to notify?

  • Analyze ‘best practice’ staffing standards.

    • Social Engineering accountability for security and awareness, involvement and ownership.

  • Violence in the workplace.

  • Does the person responsible for security have the qualifications, time or interest for managing security issues?

Project Management

  • Research, design, recommend purchase, and oversee installation of security-related equipment or procedures.

  • Work with you or your designee to implement cost effective solutions to recommendations.

  • Are security incidents reported and tracked for trending or legal purposes?

  • What security issues keep you awake at night?

There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long range and costs of comfortable inaction.
- John F Kennedy

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